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Fully automatic hot stamping embossing die cutting machine equipment for paper cardboard,fully auto large size format hot stamping embossing die cutting machine equipment

Fully automatic hot stamping embossing die cutting machine equipment for paper cardboard,fully auto large size format hot stamping embossing die cutting machine equipment

  1. Professionally manufacture custom made wholesale Fully automatic hot stamping embossing die cutting machine equipment for paper cardboard,fully auto large size format hot stamping embossing die cutting machine equipment.
  2. Machine builds with strong and casting  constructure.
  3. Auto paper feeding, auto paper hot stamping,auto paper die cutting and auto paper delivery.
  4. With PLC and touch screen control system;
  5. Builds with famous brands electrical components such as SMC and Festo etc.
  6. It is an ideal and important equipment to achieve the good printing and packing results through hot stamping, embossing and die cutting on many materials such as card boards, corrugated boards, plastic sheets and leathers etc. 
  7. It has good design with excellent performances.
  8. Its single electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
  9. Its operating highness is reasonably, and the pressing plate opening angle is big.
  10. Its electrical system builds with the IEC standard
  11. It builds with the functions of single press, continuous press and open delay etc
  12. With reliable safety protecting system.
  13. Different size and purpose automatic hot stamping embossing die cutting machine equipments can be custom built on request!
  Main Specifications:
Max paper size 750X500mm
Min paper size 240X150mm
Max. die cutting size 690X400mm
Max. hot stamping size 690X400mm
Max feeding pile height 500mm
Max paper collecting pile height 110mm
Paper range 100 -2000 (g/m2)
Max working speed 1500~2500Pcs/h
Numbers of foil feeding 2sets
Max. foil forwards 500mm
Max adjustable temperature 200 Degree Centigrade
Heating power 8kw
Motor power 4kw
Total power 12kw
Machine weight 4000kg
Machine dimensions 300x180x210cm



Video of Fully automatic hot stamping and die cutting machine equipment for paper cardboard,fully auto hot stamping die cutting machines equipments



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